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Boxer Jumpform

  • Conventional Jumpform systems

  • Top jack Jumpform systems

The Boxer Hydraulic Self Climbing Jump Form system enables the entire core formwork to be elevated to the next pour height/floor level in one unit without the need of a crane. Work decks are built into the system to allow safe and efficient working access to the core formwork.

The Boxer Jump Form system is designed from modular components that are highly adaptable to suit all architectural features and designs. The Jumpform system can be assembled off-site in prefabricated transportable components which vastly speeds up onsite Jumpform installation time.

Boxer Jumpform's have been used in major small, medium, and large high-rise building projects throughout Australia and the world. The system is intended to create savings in time and labour as well as significantly reducing dependence on site tower cranes. Boxer Jump Forms regularly achieve 4 day cycle times

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